Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Get your birthday suit on!

These are the outfits i wore for my birthday celebrations over the weekend/Monday.

This is what i wore out to dinner with the boy on Saturday night, we went to some American style restaurant thing (sorry i don't know that name) in Manchester, then we went to see Inception at the IMAX.

This is one of my fave dresses, its again from Woodchip Boutique, its satin and i always get double looks when i wear it. Always a plus!!
I just have a long sleeve black shirt underneath (cause i hate having my shoulders uncovered) and some tights. Also wearing my Toy Watch even though it doesn't match.

This is what i wore on the day of my birthday, i stayed home and minded one of the children i Au pair for. I didn't do much made a pavlova (i will post photos another time) and watched some TV, very very exciting!

I'm wearing my new little vintage cardi that i got from COW on the weekend, a pair of Staggers jeans that i made into shorts and cut up, some black tights and my jewelry is my Toy Watch and my Pandora bracelet!
Alex xo

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