Friday, 20 April 2012

Yo Brisbane, I'm ready for you!

I'm off to Brisbane for 2 nights, it's such a long drive so I hope it's worth it.
It's going to be the perfect time for me to use my 2 new lomography cameras so I'm to excited to get on the road & start snappy
See you all on Monday & have a great weekend

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sydney time

Sometimes there is nothing better than being granted 4 sweet sweet days off work (yes both jobs) & being able to head south to Sydney to catch up with some of the most amazing friends around.
This is what i got to do last week it was so much fun seeing some old high school friends, some of the travel family & meeting some awesome new people.
Nat & I at her house just before i was left to drive home. I met Nat in Nice & we have shared awesome adventures in some pretty great countries around the world.
She is defiantly one of my besties, i love her
This is the simply stunning Crystal she made the journey from Victoria to come visit some of her friends in Sydney. I met Crystal in Paris & i cant wait to go visit her sometime.
Sushi train with Crystal in the middle of Sydney was AMAZING
Yummy yummy yummy
This maybe the most amazing thing i have EVER eaten, its soft shell crab curry from this pretty awesome restaurant the lovely Amy took Nat & i to.
I will eat there again so i will get some photos of it for you & the name.
Lunch with Jake (one of my oldest & dearest friends) these cost us $10 each AMAZING
I know i really shouldn't have photos taken with Amy she is just to stunning but i cant resist, she was the first member of my travel family (i met her in Berlin) she is such a lovely person & such a stunner
This is Jakes street, i stayed at his place.
Yummy sushi, yes i ate alot in 3 days!
Jake & i at night, kinda drunk not such a great photo haha

Friday, 30 March 2012

This must be mine!!!!

So i LOVE this dress, maybe more than life itself.

Isnt it simply stunning? But where would i wear it? To grocery shop?

Im off to count my pennies in hope that this baby could be mine!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another week, some more pictures

I promise you I'm not a drunk, but i do really enjoy a cider most nights after work.

I bought this one of a recommendation from a friend & its soooo yummy you must try it

This is a picture that was given to my Grandpa (Mums dad) when his Grey hound won the race, i love this little piece of family history

This is a snippet of a fantastic article written by Fifi Box in last weeks paper, the whole article was amazing but ladies take note of this part

You know your busy when you get your hair cut at the nursing home where you work : )

Last is Louie asleep on my bed, his such a babe

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Where has the time gone!

Hello folks,
What is going on with the world of late?
I have all of a sudden become so busy & sometimes find myself wondering if I should laugh or cry!
But don't worry it's fine in a general sense life is pretty great at the moment, hectic but great
Pause for a update:
I recently got to go to Sydney & had the chance to hang out with the stunning & amazing Nat my travel sista! It was so great to see her I love her do much so any time together is just perfect.
On the weekend I met someone who I think is pretty cool (I dont think he will read this) who I'm looking forward to getting to know better, if only time was on our side but I'm sure it will work itself out these things tend to.
Work at the present is BUSY!!!! I work 2 jobs (I don't know who knows that & who dosnt but both places are crazy at the moment (I'm working 107 hours this fortnight, see what I mean about time)
Anyway as always the aim is to blog more, be healthy, stay happy & hopefully go on this date!
I will be back with mission positive as soon as I get a chance to take the photos