Monday, 30 August 2010

My Sunday at Mathew Street!

On Sunday i went down to the Mathew Street festival with one of my work friends Trevor! I have never been to something like this and with only being to a whole of one gig (John Melloncamp) in my whole life i was not sure what to expect!
I have a whole load of photos to show non of them overly great but here we go anyway!

The actual Mathew street which i found by total accident. The Beatles where blaring out of a near by club and i could have just wondered around aimlessly just listening and singing along!

We headed over to one of the stages where there was a band playing the Eagles, they where pretty good i thought. The first photo is Trevors view of the stage.

This second one is mine. I think this is the reason i don't like things like this i can never see anything people always elbow me and stand on my feet but they where good to listen to for a while and then move on.

Here is the logo of the festival and some stupid mans head argh i hate being so short!!!!!

Here's some pictures of the crowds the sun was out but it so windy it wasn't even funny.

And here is what i wore. All of this is new *cringe* the dress is hand made vintage and i got it from Pop in Liverpool on Saturday, green cardi and purple tights are from primark and my shoes are from Aus. I accessorised with a Mathew street pin and my watch and pandora!
Did anyone else go to Mathew street or any other festival?

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  1. I love festivals :) U look sweet :D I have the same pruple tights from primark. They are sooo soft and eyecatchy :D