Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My weekend.

Ah its Wednesday and im finally doing my weekend, i think this whole working thing is taking its toll on me!

I had a pretty boring weekend this time round Kirk went and watched the Everton game with his sister on Saturday arvo and on Sunday i went and did some grocery shopping.

On Saturday morning though after recieveing the news about my mutch loved Grommit i had to head to town to open a bank account and of course do a little bit of shopping!

I also got a outfit of the day for you : )

This is me and my good friend Hello Kitty, she is wearing a lovely one off pink dress is white detail, white tights and pink shoes. Im wearing my Everton shirt which is strippy but from this picture (off Kirks phone) looks rather odd! Jeans and blue flats i have my Toy watch and Pandora on and am using a vintage bag that i bought at cow for 4.00pounds.

Now to my shopping, I bought these shoes from New Look on Friday after seeing them and going away to have a think. They cost me about 22.00pounds. I wore them yesterday they where so comfortable especially for new shoes!

And i finally got my Topshop gloves!!!! Well these are my second pair as my first ones broke but they exchanged them for me. They are lovely so worth the 6.00pounds!

I went to Lush again and this time asked for a bath bomb that would make me happy. I will reveiw this over the weekend!

Then i went to Primark, as you all know im not a full on primark lover but buying 4 things that i needed and coming away with change from a 20.00pound note is always something to smile about!

I got these little house slippers, my new house is all lino floor so i need something to keep my feet warm seeing as summer has now gone!

I got this huge, thick, yummy and warm cardi. A girl (Jenni) in my class wears something similar and i really wanted a big thick one. I tried on one in Topshop but for 35.00 pounds i had to think about it. Then i found this baby for 7.00 pounds and to be honest i really dont think the quality is much different.

Another Topshop look alike is this snood. You would have seen something like this featured in one of my "What i want from topshop" posts. I looked at the one in Topshop again because of it being 15.00pounds and my money being a little tight i had to contemplate. This was 4.00pounds from Primark. Not as nicer pink as the Topshop one but im more than happy with it!

Last but not least, i always buy my Pjs from Primark and i need a new set! These where 6.00pounds and they are super duper soft!!! I really wanted one of those all in one things you see in there window but due to them being so long you could fit me 3 times over in them. Maybe i should look in the kids section???

These where 6.00pounds.

I think all these bargins are great, what do you think?

Are you happy to buy dupes of things from Primark?

This weekend im headed to the Matthew street festival, one of my friends from work is playing with his band. Are any of you headed?


  1. Haha, my PJs are always from Primark too – cheap and cheerful! Love the Topshop gloves, may have to pick some up very soon as August isn't really living up to its reputation at the moment ...

    Love Sanchia xxx

  2. Love the gloves and snood!

  3. i agree, some great bargains here! i always wear those sort of mittens & i've had my eye on those ones myself, the heart shape buttons are so cute! great shoes too, they'll be really versatile & go with everything :)

    i haven't been to the matthew street festival in years...have fun!