Saturday, 18 September 2010

Flashbacked and loved it

Today i went down to Flashback boutique for their awesome sale, i was so excited and the anticipation had the better of me that i was there super early and could have been the first one in line (if i wasn't to chicken).

I ended up being 4th in line and that was a happy place for me to be!
Here's a picture of the line at about 9.40am, it was so long.
This is a picture of upstairs, taken after i had bagged my bargins. The room was full of loads of different vintage finds.

And this is the line through the shop after i had paid, they could only let a few people upstairs at one time.

So here are my bargins, i picked up 8 things for 10.00pounds!!!!!
This is the first one which is a cute little nit cardi from Topshop petite. Maybe not as vintage as my other finds but it was to cute to turn away from.
The original tag says: no tag.

This is such a cute skirt which i had already seen and almost pushed a lady out of the way to retrieve.
Its original price was: 15.00pounds
This one was a little bit of a odd find, its hand made and really fitted but i really like the colour and it looks great on me!
The original price was: 20.00pounds
This is a funky find, i kept coming back to this one and just decided to pick it up as i had a tiny bit of room in my bag. I am glad i did its kinda cool and i would wear it with all back to it stands out. Only problem is the head hole is to small so i will need to make a change but it will be amazing when i get to wear it!
Original price was: 20.00pounds

This is a green nit tunic, its sleeve less but will be so easily layered.
Original price was: no tag
Another skirt this is super cute, its high wasted and easily worn with either brown or black.
Original price was: 15.00pounds.

I got this cardi to, its a pinky colour (the reason i have two pictures is that the first isn't true to colour).
Original price was: no tag
Another cardi, grey and warm. I may take the button off the front and the press studs inside also.
Original price was: no tag

So there you have it, what do you think of my bargin finds?

Did you go down and pick anything up?


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  1. Wow, it's amazing you've purchased so much things for less money! :) Really nice.