Tuesday, 26 October 2010

"but i dont wear hats"

Here is what i wore yesterday,
I always mean to do more outfit posts but due to having no one to take them for me they are few and far between, but here is one for you!

You have to love the geeky photos, we had fun taking these last night after i had got back from work.
Im wearing:
Vintage dress, Pop Liverpool.
Red cardi, Australia.
Vintage hat, Pop Liverpool.
Tights, Primark.
Boots, River Island.
Black Cardi, H&M.


  1. i love your dress its very 60's! cute beret too! i know how awkward it is to schedule outfit photos if you need to rely on someone else to take them for you!


  2. Awh these are really cute ^__^ I love that hat, I really can't pull off hats, so my ears suffer in this nippy weather!
    Are you going to the Vintage Fair in the Met Quarter this Saturday? I really wanna go so we could meet up if you fancy it lovely? :)


  3. Thanks for the comments ladies.

    Jess: Where else would i be? I think we should post it on our blogs and see who else is/wants to come to.

  4. Good girl :) Yeah I'ma post about it in a sec, most of my mates will be in work, but there's bound to be bloggers pottering about.