Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ladies i need your help!

Happy Tuesday everyone, I'm not to sure whats great about it for all of you but for me i don't start work until 10.30am and i should (fingers crossed) be seeing my boy tonight.
On another note the maturity level in my flat has dropped incredibly, ah to be 19 again and have a major attitude problem, there are just some things you cant get away with once you hit 20!
Anyway my help needed is not with her,
but I'm looking at taking a few days off and going on a little adventure towards the end of Jan/anytime in feb.
Anywhere between 3-6 days sometime in that bracket.
SO my question to you is where should i go?
Taking into consideration:
  • Time of year (winter).
  • Allocated travel time.
  • My current location Liverpool.
  • Cost, i don't have a huge amount of money.
  • Things to do (I'm not a lie on the beach person).

Keep in mind i have not been anywhere in Europe or many places in the UK.

There may even be a little gift if i chose one of your ideas.

Best be off, it is 5.20am! Oh actually its not my idiot flatmate changed the clock! Ah bliss haha

1 comment:

  1. I am pretty sure I am going to go to stockholm sweden at the end of jan. Its cold there and I don't know what else they have.

    I go on skyscanner.com and just search for flights and then pick the one most convienient and the place I like the sound of best. Most places in Europe are not going to be very warm, but never mind. If you get cheap flights and don't get the luggage option then its even cheaper, if you just take hand luggage, ryanair allows you to take 10kg so its more than enough for 3 days. I would just pick somewhere you like the sound of and then worry about what to do.

    Or you could go and do the threepeak challange :) Or you could go to belguim, lux and the netherlands for 1 night each and get that train pass for £40 in totalto use, although that would be a bit of a rush, but if you manage your time well and just goto the capitals or best places in each of those countries it is doable :) Have fun!