Saturday, 2 October 2010

Now i dont mean to offend but is this lady nuts!!

Today i picked up this past weeks Grazia magazine, normally when i read a magazine i flick through the whole thing and go back and read the articles in order of what i found most interesting (weird i know) but today this one article stopped me in my tracks.
Let me tell you about it!
(FYI i don't mean to offend anyone by my comments on this article and if you have anything to add good or bad please comment i would love to hear your opinion!)

This article is based around a lady named Malin Bjorn and her child Charlie.
The essence of this article is that Charlie is neither a boy nor girl. Now don't get confused here and think this poor child has some kind of medical problem which means they are neither, no this poor child is unaware of its gender due to a decision made by "its" mother.
Malin has decided to inflict a "gender neutral" approach onto her young child, she is criticised for using her child as a "human gunipig" but insists that's its not her child she is "experimenting" on but society. But i ask you who will be the one that is effected by her little experiment society or Charlie?
This article shocked me, boys are boys and girls are girls. I am all for letting kids play with both sets of toys i myself had cars and trucks growing up and my parents always allowed my brother to play with my dolls and teddies. I am so all for women being able to perform traditional mens jobs and visa versa but i draw the line at willing letting your child be totally unknownst to the fact of there actual sex, and more importantly dressing them in both girls dresses and boys clothing.
I myself was brought up wearing hand-me-downs from my dads best friends boys but there is no way my parents would have subjected my brother to wearing my dresses.
Although Charlie is only 18 months old now what is to happen when this child starts school, or starts talking for that matter. How about when he or she is older and starts school and is teased because of the way he or she was brought up, are you going to allow a 6-12-16 year old to wear a dress if there a boy?
Will you (heaven forbid) forgive yourself when Charlie comes home beaten up by kids or even worse commits suicide or hurts themselves due to confusion?
Yes its bad we stereotype people because of there gender, i hate it and have even used my name (alex) to help me manipulate situations in my life, but by no means do i think its a good idea to confuse a child and tell them they have no gender.
This article really outraged me, I'm here to inform you Malin i agree with the critics this is a form of child abuse if not now think about when your child is older.
Not only does it make me mad but it also upsets me, i really do hope she comes to her senses and corrects this before Charlie is extremely mentally effected.

I urge you readers to grab this mag and read this article and please tell me what you think.


  1. i'll have to read this article...situations like this throw up so many ethical arguments, very difficult!

  2. i read it too, such a weird article. obviously the child will learn at some point about human biology and he/she may or may not have the certain bits to be a boy or a girl... so that will obviously incur difficult questions between mother and child. i do feel that this is some sort of a social experiment though, this woman will definitely be on some documentaries sometime soon i think....

    this is a great post alex! xoxo avs