Monday, 8 November 2010

Another, really.....?

I have been given another blog award from the lovely Georgina at Duffle coats and mittens if you have not already seen her cute blog make sure you go check it out.

So here i go let me answer the questions:

1. Why do your blog?
Because i have alot to say and very few people to tell it to. It gives me a place to express my thoughts on things and i love my blog family to much to stop doing it.
And i REALLY REALLY enjoy it!

2. Name your 3 best memories:
Oh my!
- When i graduated from High school, this includes my actual grad day and my formal. I was so overwhelmed and it was such a mixture of feelings.
- The day i bought my dog Ortiz, i remember telling my friend at the time "all i have to do is get mum and Brad to hold her and dad wont be able to say no" i actually remember dad holding up that tiny little pup and saying to her "so what do you want".
- And as far as 3 goes i think my best memories are yet to come. : )

3. Five best fictional books you have read.
-My sisters keeper.
- P.s i love you..
There probably the only 2 because i read non-fiction more.
- Marley and me.
- Eat Pray Love.
- Committed.

4. 5 Best movies ever made.
-101 Dalmations (the original)
- Con air.
- The green mile.
- Tinkerbell movies.
- Wild hogs.

5. Name 5 things you cant live without.
- My family.
- My camera.
- My memory.
- Good people.
- Huggie and my at home bear Jessie.

6. If you could change your name what would you change it to.
I wouldn't change my name at all, i really like it. My boyfriend would change it to Alexis though.

7. Tell us a unique fact about yourself.
The fact that my personality is split somewhere between a 6 year old and a 60 year old.
I say the oldest sayings like "make sure you have ugly bridesmaids so the bride looks better" but yet get very excited when i go to Disney and build-a-bear.

8. What do you love most about yourself?
My confidence, and personality. After years of not wanting to stand up I'm finally happy to be just me.

9. If you had a freaky Friday experience who would you change places with?
Now my mum and dad will cringe when they read this and so might some of you. But Hitler, i would want to know what he felt when he was doing what he did.

10. Whats the best thing about being a women?
Being able to break the mold. Anyway in fashion, career or general life i love to push that boundary.

I give this award to!!!!!!
Update: I would love to add Kenzi faith to this i have only recently found her blog but its amazing!


  1. I love this post! Also, Your background is adorable!

    KF x

  2. Thank you! :)

    Love this post especially your freaky friday it would be an interesting if not incredibly scary day!

  3. Number 8 is great! "confidence and personality".

    give a look to my blog, YOU are welcome! ^^

  4. Awww, I lvoe 101 Dalmations! Such a great film, the book is fabulous too!