Monday, 1 November 2010

My poor little house.

Hi guys,
Was ment to be doing a outfit post tonight but after the events of this evening i just wanted to post a quick little post informing you there was a little fire in my roof of my house today.
As soon as i could get into my room i was stuffing all my vintage dresses into my bag. There all fine.
Be back tomorrow with my outfit post.
Goodnight loves.


  1. oooh nooo! glad you & all your dresses are ok! how did it start? do you know?

  2. That's pretty scary! I dont know what I'd grab first I'd want to keep everything!

  3. It was the whole situation was scary, i was sitting outside my house waiting for a lock smith because we thought the lock had just gone, then my neighbour came out and said "you do relise why you cant get in your house right?" and i just looked at her and she said "its because the roof was on fire today and they had to break down the door" and i just lost it, full blown panick attack in the middle of my road. My poor neighbour prob wishes she had said nothing, haha.
    It was hard standing there and having two suitcases and having to decide what to take incase it went up again tonight.
    Going to meet the fire boys today and there going to talk to me about it.

    Eliza: Not sure how it started till today, prob electrical though.

  4. Aww no that sounds horrible - I hope you've managed to get everything sorted out.