Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"Oh my god that bag is amazing!" "I know isnt it!"

Hello folks,
Today i went outside and braved the wind and the rain to finish my Christmas shopping (well almost) I have been a little under the weather lately (join the club I'm sure your saying).
This is what i wore:

I was very sad about the weather!

Hat: Vintage, Flashback.
Bag: Vintage, Flashback.
Dress: Vintage, Flashback.
Leggings: Topshop.
Shoes: Topshop.
As you can see i have a new fabulous bag. This is a absolute beauty. Its vintage crocodile.
It weighs a ton but the quality is just great and i get so many comments on it.
(Please if you have any hate full comments about it keep them to yourself!)


  1. You look great! That hat is awesome!

  2. Ahh so this is the beaut of a bag you were telling me about; it's gorgeous!
    I may have to pop in myself and have a nosey :)


  3. I love your hat! That bag seriously makes me die, amazing <3


  4. Love you're hat!

    That's an awesome find :)

  5. Alex you look fab x You always do x Suzi x