Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Let me take you back to the begining!

When i was younger for many years (including my first Christmas) we had a white Christmas tree. Recently i was shopping in Liverpool and i spied a shop filled with (among other things) Christmas trees of all different colours and sizes.
I expected them to be far to expensive but tonight i decided to go in a have a dream.
To my very pleasant surprise the smallest of the trees was only 4.00pounds and the little glass baubles where 3.75pounds for a pack.
So i thought it was only fitting that for my first tree on my own i pick a white one, to offset this i got a pack of pink and white baubles.
Presenting my tree:

This is my little set up in my bedroom.

These are my antique Santa's i bought when i was in Melksham. They are so old and precious.

My little fiber optic tree my mummy sent me and a snow globe which is for my brother form Kirks mum. It wouldn't have got there before Christmas so i thought i would enjoy it before i send it on!

And my little collection of Christmas cards.
I hope there is more to come.


  1. ohhhh lovely!!! very festive! love the pink baubles :) xoxo avs

  2. This is really nice. Merry Christmas
    Love you and miss you heaps
    Australia xxxxx

  3. cute little Christmas tree.
    I wish you happy holidays and a good start of 2011!

  4. Very pretty, wish I had room for a little tree in my bedroom!

  5. Very festive! I actually don't have any decorations up because my cats just destroy everything...they even knock my crimbo cards onto the floor & chew them up!