Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lush Christmas stocking ideas.

Today i went into Lush, and bought some great goodies!!!
There are some great Christmas ideas here.

Lush snow fairy body wash, 100g £3.25

The Boog Ballistic, £2.25
Snow cake soap, £2.75.
So white ballistic, £1.80.
Lil Lush pud ballistic, £1.95.
Ginger bread house bubble bar, £2.45.
The Secret Santa box, £5.00.
This has a Snow cake soap and a Santa bath bomb.
(This is a gift for somone.)


  1. I bought the snow cake soap the other day, it's so yummy! I love the ginger bread house bar, so cute ^__^


  2. I could live in lush i'm scraping the pennies atm but i managed to get a Christmas Eve bubble bar, id deffo try that if you can ^_^. Is it sad im saving it for Christmas Eve? lmao.

    I love the Boog and Snow Fairy! <3. There is a Lush Christmas shop in the Met Quarter if you didn't know ^_^. x

  3. i really need to get myself to lush soon! i'm sure i've smelt the snow fairy body wash before...its divine! these really do look good enough to eat! haha! :)