Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dont be alarmed!

In regards to the title of this blog post please DONT BE ALARMED.
This is major nail polish haulage!
Now not all of these have been bought, some where free and some where gifts.
So here we go:

Nails inc, Free with Diet coke:
Heather grey, Milan (last collection), Denim.
China glaze.
Awakening, Mistletoe kisses, Avalanche
OPI, Sahara Sapphire.
Sally Hansen, Diamond shine.
Models own.
Purple grey, Lili's pink, Purple ash, Champagne, Bubblegum.
Models own.
25 Carat gold, Raspberry fool, Disco mix, Juicy Jules, Pearly queen.


  1. I want the coke ones so bad but my silly boots doesnt have them :| so annoying. Massiveee haul though :) x


  2. wow, an impressive haul! i considered doing the 'buy coke get nailvarnish for free' deal as i reeeally love the blue shade! :)

  3. I'm rather jealous of all your lovely new nail varnishes - wow :)


  4. Wow, that's an impressive collection!
    What are the China Glaze nail polishes like? I'm thinking of buying some as I've heard some good comments about them :)