Saturday, 1 January 2011


I went to Lush very early on Boxing day (so early they weren't even open major fail!) and picked up some amazing bargins.
I bought so much but am soooo happy with it.
The snow fairy gift box!

The matryoshka, (i really wanted this for Christmas but picked it up for 5.00pounds AMAZING).
The HUGE Winter Wonderland box, which has so much stuff in it!

And finally the Snow Fairy body wash. Its sooo yummy!!!
What did you get at the sales?
Anything from Lush?
P.s I bought a purfume today, any guesses which one? Will post about it tomorrow!


  1. wow, lovely things, were they a really good price? I got an amazing festive gingerbread house set from my brother for christmas, he lives in Paris but it came in the post and I was loving it! Happy New Year lovely xxxx

  2. I got some yummy bath balls... sadly we dont have a LUSH anywhere near me!

    Check out my giveaway if you get a chance!

  3. ooooo wish I'd remembered to go down! You got some wonderful things :)

  4. I wish i'd of been able to pick up more goodies the only things on sale in my lush was the snow fairy shower gel and the iced wine jelly. I must have missed all the gift sets :(