Thursday, 13 January 2011

To the poor man on the bus, I'm sorry.

Dear readers,
Let me explain the title of this post.
Today when i was on the bus i picked up the metro and headed to the back of the bus, sat across from a very lovely man and was posed with a problem.
As i started reading the news of the extent of the Australian floods became far to overwhelming.
Now please don't get me wrong i have not been living in a state of ignorance over the last few weeks but i wasn't until i came across a picture of Suncorp Stadium when i finally broke down.

What it was that got me about the image was that i can not tell you the amount of times i have watched tv and seen this stadium, seen my rugby team play and now i was posed with the fact that they may not even be seen standing on there now.

It broke my heart.
As i started sobbing the poor man didn't know what to do.
He gave me a smile and a tissue and almost ran off the bus.

As i was crying all i could think of is my family and friends back home. I don't come from Queensland but i have many friends and family who live there and i know many people who have friends and family who live there.

I also thought to myself when i eventually go back home and take Kirk with me i had planned to take him to Brisbane.
What state will it be in?
Once the water subsides what will happen?
I also thought about all the animals and people effected.

So then when i came home i sent a donation across, 15.00pounds of my money to help those in need.
I would love if you could do the same.
Please find the details here!
This is the Queensland governments website and it has the details for where to donate and how (including international).

Suncorp stadium.
Found here!
The Australian way.
Animals that would normally be enemies working together.
(frog and snake).

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  1. i was reading the metro today & the cover story about the floods really upset me too :( aw, that was nice of the man to give you a tissue despite his bewilderment! i just remembered actually that some friends of my family live in queensland but we haven't heard if they're ok :(

    i'll definitely follow your link & send a donation :)