Saturday, 19 February 2011

I want to get you thinking?

Hello Ladies happy Saturday,
Well by the title of this post you better believe your getting somewhat of a small essay!
I'm here to pose you with a question,
What where you doing this time last year?
I myself had just come to the UK (last Saturday was my one year milestone of being here) my life and that of my friends and family had changed along with my surroundings.
My life has changed so much, for the better and for the worse.
I always wonder what i would go back and tell Alex in Feb 2010.....
Here are some thoughts:
  • Your first Au pair family are going to be tuff work, but you move on.
  • Your going to laugh so hard you will cry, and cry so hard you will laugh at yourself.
  • Your going to meet some incredible people (they will change your life).
  • Your going to buy far to many bags and dresses. But its all good.
  • Your going to learn to think on your feet a little more, YOU CAN DO IT.
  • Your going to meet a incredible guy, you lucky thing.
  • Your going to start a blog, it will be amazing and take you far.

So i leave you with this question, and my final picture of AUS.

Please leave your answer in the comment below, I really look forward to reading them.


  1. Awesome. This time last year i was feeling rather depressed, it was my 2nd semester in college and i was doing pretty amazing. What i would tell myself is to cheer up sport, your going to find someone that will make you happier then words. You will experience enlightenment and wealth. Your dreams will start happening because you will change your way of thought. you will start a blog, and get an android app developed for it. you dont have anything to worry about, just sit back and chill it out.
    Poetry for Android

  2. i am deff thinking now and im not very sure what i was doing last year.. i think clubbing

  3. WOW I had just celebrated one year with the gorgeous Adrian. Can't believe where the time goes. I was also still living in Devon. I don't know how you were brave enough to move to the UK-I have only moved two hours away and I miss my family tons. xxxx

  4. This time last year i was living a life i did not want to lead but seemed there was no way out of. If i could say anything to myself in 2010 i would say

    - Learn to forgive, it makes you happier.
    - you don;t have to do anything you don't want to do. fight for the things you want.
    - you will meet new people that will change your whole life.
    -You NEVER know whats round the corner
    mostly i would tell myself i am alot stronger than i ever imagined.