Thursday, 31 March 2011

All hail Lauren Conrad

I don't have many style icons, i would say maybe 5 at the absolute most. Lauren Conrad is by far the winner out of all of them, this girl is simply AMAZING.

Its not the exact clothing or accessories she wears (i would by no means see her in a skirt and rush out and buy it) but the way she puts a outfit together that makes her so fantastic.

I have put below some pictures of some FAB outfits she wears.

I love how she plays it safe, I am like this.

I like that she is classic, classy and polished.

I love that her nails accent her outfit but are always a vocal point as well.

I also adore her book, i was sceptical when it was released as i have had a ton of style books given to me over the years (trying to tell me something maybe?) but i simply enjoy it.

I love the pictures i think they create the atmosphere for the book. I think her tips are helpful and the little snippets of her real life make it a easy read.

But by far my favourite part of the book is how its written, the book is worded like your having a conversation with Lauren, i like this and also try and do my blog on the same basis.

I hope you have enjoyed this, Do you like Lauren? Have you read her book?

1 comment:

  1. I am just like you - I LOVe Lauren's style. Yeah she plays it safe but she does it with a twist :-)

    I've got the book as well and was pleasently surprised with it :-D