Saturday, 30 April 2011

And the last penny goes to.

This past week i went to London for 2 days, i did 2 videos on the streets of London and will hopefully have them up this week.
While there i didn't do much shopping, although i did head to Oxford street because i love the feel and vibe of it (reminds me of inner Sydney).
I had major money/bank dramas while down there but besides that i have decided to have NO MORE spending. As you all should know I'm traveling in September/October so i need to keep any funds for that and also due to work i don't have loads of extra cash coming in (but this is ok because i LOVE my job).
So these shall be my last purchases for a while.

These are my beauties i found on Oxford street.
The bag i got at Primark and i couldn't pass it up, i use these canvas bags ALL THE TIME and this one is so cute and funny.
The necklace was from Topshop i will do a whole post on it this week as it was amazing and i want to go into great detail about this necklace.

I also found these polishes at Topshop the pink one blew me away it is sooooooooo amazing and i have never seen anything like it (does Topshop Oxford street get different Barry M to everywhere else?)
And i have seen the Holograms on Fee's blog and picked them up because again i have only ever seen them there and never seen them where i could purchase them.

Arn't Primark scarves the BEST?
I love my Primark scarves and i am finding that even though its warming up here in the UK i still need a light scarf as there always seams to be a cool breeze.
I picked this because of the colours and patterns then i opened it and realised it was a union jack. I think i love it even more.
Last of all is my official piece of of Royal Wedding memorabilia, i purchased this pin at the Westminster Abbey shop for a donation of a pound.
Theres something to show the grand kids.

I will post the pictures and videos this week.

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