Thursday, 14 April 2011

Locket LOVE

I love lockets, especially those given as gifts and the vintage kind.

I really think a locket as a gift is something extra special, I'm not sure why there is just something so personal about it, so sweet.

Above is a locket i own this was a Christmas gift from Kirk, i also own 2 others (sorry no pictures) one that was given to me when i left my first job by my colleagues it is so precious as it is engraved with the place i worked including our store number.

The other is a 101 Dalmatian locket, silver with blue stones and a Dalmatian on the front, inside it holds a picture of my brother when he was younger, i put it in there many years ago so it means alot.

I found some others i like below. I literally could have put 3000 pictures there as i trawled through etsy, but i settled for just a few!


  1. hey I was wondering if you could post a picture of your dalmatian locket...
    you see my younger sister had one many years ago, before she lost it, and all I can remember it was blue with a dalmatian on.
    I have been looking every where for one as it is her seventeenth birthday soon and I would love to present her with a new one.
    your descripton is the closest i have found.
    thankyou Jordie :)

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