Tuesday, 24 May 2011

1 skirt 10 ways, outfit #1

Let me explain the concept here, i bought this skirt for £1.00 from a thrift shop right by where i live. It is the most amazing shade of green EVER and is a really nice satin feel with a elastic waist and flowing pleats.

I am also at this current moment doing a 100 day outfit challenge on youtube, so basically i am not shopping and am making a different outfit everyday out of the clothing i have (i am doing 50 days here in the UK and then 50 when I's back in Australia).

So (getting to the point) i decided to make 10 different outfits using this one skirt and document them here for you on my blog.

So lets get started with on of Summers biggest trends and one i was dying to try out COLOUR BLOCKING!!!

You can see I'm wearing a fuschia singlet/vest, a oatmeal cardi.

I really hope you enjoy this series and please tell me what you think of my outfits!


  1. Love the skirt, it looks adorable with the vest! Such a good idea too! xoxo

  2. this is a great feature! lovely skirt and I love the colour popping theme, it's definitely one of my favourites for summer

    Bow Dream Nation xx