Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Today consisted of!

I have some how managed to hurt my ankle when i was in London, and then managed to aggravate it but working at 12 hour shift on Sunday.
Today i have spent keeping it elevated to try and get it better and filming some videos for yourselves!

Some flavoured water, Grazia mag and a icy pole.
I had to go get some chips from the Iceland down the road for dinner tonight and i popped into a little charity shop on the way as i have never been in before and look what i found....

I picked him up and was having a look at him and the lady said i could have him for 50p as he has been broken at some stage a glued back together. Yes i am on a spending ban but really could i leave him there?
It makes me happy to think his previous owner loved him so much to mend him when he was broken, i plan on taking very good care of him from now on!

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