Monday, 13 June 2011

I'm just saying!

Ok ladies he res a post for you so pull up a chair grab a coffee and settle in for the long haul because here i go!

If you have not guessed (for obvious reasons) I Alex Walker am a blogger and a You tuber and i as one of these people belong to a (rather large) select few who decide to put my life out there for the world to read, view, enjoy and sometimes judge!

I put alot of time into my social media based around my blog and YouTube through facebook, chictopia, chickapproved, bloglovin and twitter and i enjoy it (most of the time).

I consider bloggers and youtubes to be a community, a community that far to often turns into a episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County!

So i ask you WHY ladies WHY!??

I wonder why most of the time we pit ourselves against each other? I have seen to many times very small things get taken way to far out of control some prime examples of this are: credit issues, PR issues, twitter issues, etc etc. Its hard for me to write this as some of the blogs and bloggers i LOVE are included as part of the issue here but i am not here to name names (because lets face it I'm sure by now most of you have clicked off this post, no one likes to hear the truth but by no means am i saying this to imply everyone is like this).

There is a term i hate in this community (well one of many) but I'm going to have to use it "i get approached by alot of PR companies and i don't choose them all" I although i have a very small blog am approached by companies and people and have NEVER been compensated for a post, i have taken a whole of 5 free things in my whole (almost a year) of blogging but there things i would have bought anyway.

But the PR thing is ok, i do hate seeing post after post after post but when worded the right way they do (sometimes) make a good read.

The credit thing lets face it nothing we right about, nothing we come up with, no outfit we put together is original! Media has been around for thousands of years and so has clothing and makeup so nothing we say or do is going to be new to everyone.

You need to just deal with it!

I do personally feel some people in this community are far to big for there boots, and some do need a reality check but its not for me or anyone else to do that.

SO to sum this up ladies we need to support each other, we are a community we need to fight for each other and stand strong together.

To my blogging friends I LOVE YOU you amaze me and inspire me every day.

To the blogs i often feature on her in my blogs i love, please keep up the good work you keep me sane.

To the bloggers who hate on one another, don't you think we have enough outsiders to bitch about us without you doing it.

Again, I'm just saying!

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  1. well said beautiful lady. If only the whole community was like you! Brilliant insightful post which I really enjoyed reading. Much love and big kisses xxx