Friday, 3 June 2011

My fair vintage

I have a love of all things vintage, and what comes along with that love is heading to any vintage fair in my area!
I should say that 90% of my wardrobe (in the UK) is vintage. There are pieces i simply adore they come from all different places and some of those places are vintage fairs.

I have a few hints and tips for you vintage lovers so you can get the most out of your fair experience.

1. Set yourself a budget, these days some vendors will take card payments but most only deal in cash. It is very easy to go to a fair and feel the urge to buy EVERYTHING because you will 99% of the time never see it again but you must set yourself a limit or you will find yourself walking away with 100 things and you will wear 2. I always set mine in accordance with how much money i have at the time. I have been to fairs with a budget of 10.00pounds and then i have been to some with a budget of 50.00pounds and i have always stuck to them.

2. It is ok to pay 1 or 2 pounds entry but i would NEVER pay more.

3. Never buy anything you cannot repear yourself, i use this rule because i really cant sew or fix much at all. It may end up costing you a small fortune to make your "bargain" wearable.

4. When looking at vintage make sure there are no stains, because you will probably find that the stain has been around as long as the item and it wont come off.

5. Know your size, i never thought i could wear vintage as i am not super tiny. But i can and find loads of things i like. At some fairs you can try things on, others not so much so make sure you can gauge what will fit and what wont. And if something doesn't fit exactly again if you cant fix it yourself DON'T BUY IT.

6. Be nice to vendors, have a chat compliment them on there stuff. Some will be rude/arrogant (from experience) others will be nice and friendly and many even remember you next time or give you a bargain on the day (again experience!)

Well i hope my tips and hints help you, what are yours?

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  1. I've never been to a vintage fair, but your experience sounds wonderful! I buy all my clothes secondhand so I'm definitely going to have to find one in my area soon and put your tips to use :)