Sunday, 26 June 2011

So you dont understand, so what!?

So I'm spending my fine sunny day writing another very "wordy post" about a issue I'm having and I'm sure you all have had.

People making your life difficult or saying things about your choices in life in.

There are many decisions in life which you make which people may not understand or accept, from the very simple and small to the major.

But what i don't get is why they cant 1. keep there opinions to themselves and 2. why they just cant get over it.

I'm only going to focus on 2 points in this post (only to insure you don't fall asleep half way through) but please leave your situations down bellow because I'm sure you all have loads to share.

So here we go!

Blogging and Youtubing!

Lets face it I'm sure everyone of you has told someone you write a blog or do Youtube and they have given you "that face" you know the one that has a hint of why but mainly are you weird stamped all over it.

I have had some people say to me "that's just weird, your weird" when i told them. To be honest these people are very small minded anyway but i know that i get it from other people.

Why do you think this is?

I think its because they don't understand it, they cant see why i would want to share my opinion, style etc with the whole world. Why i chose to put my life out there for people (like them) to judge and have there opinion on.

And yet i know for a fact they read my blog and watch my videos.

Interesting huh!?

Small life choices - eg going out and drinking.

I am not a big drinker nor do i really enjoy going out (lets me honest folks i would much prefer to spend my money on bags!) but also i prefer to be at home.

I like to watch tv, spend time with Michael (who also doesn't really go out much), blog, read blogs, youtube etc etc.

I constantly get (for lack of a better word) pestered by questions when i either decline a drink or decline going out all together.

And to be honest it pisses me the hell off, i hate the feeling of having to justify myself to everyone and anyone when it such a simple bloody life choice.

I honestly think people just need to understand that when someone says no and you keep going it feels alot like peer pressure and to (sometimes) the point of bullying.

I wont even get started when they just go ahead and buy you a drink!!!!

So I'm sorry for a little rant, but I'm sure you all feel my pain and you have your stories to tell so please do leave it below i look forward to reading them and sharing your pain.


  1. i know exactly what you mean, sometimes I wish people would be a little more open minded. I like to think that even if I don't completly understand another person's choice... or feel any interest in one of their 'interests' I am open minded and realise that not everyone is the same! :o)interesting post, i like it xx

  2. Yeah, i agree. Some people can't seem to just be content with their own life, they have to get involved with other peoples and judge why they do/don't do things. I personally think it is because they are bored with their own life.

    The blogging situation - Some know I blog, others don't know and I don't mention it to them because I know they will think it is odd/pointless and a waste of time. But over the past week or so I have decided I don't care, I amthinking I will link my blog with my facebook page.

    There are things some of my friends do that I would have no interest in doing, but do I tell them or question them to why they do so, or why they watch something I may find pretty dumb and pointless on, because I am happy for them to do what they do as long as they are happy.

    I expect you will find a lot of bloggers with similar feelings x

  3. great post hun-I am also a complete home bird and prefer staying in to going out but not everyone gets it!

    Lots of love Amie xxxx

  4. Stupid comments will be deleted off this post just like all others so please dont waste my time or yours!

  5. @climbingtothemoon! Thanks hun i like doing my wordy posts. I think the only opinions that matter are your own and i have another post lined up for sometime next week you may also like haha im itching to do it.

    @Daisy - You shouldnt care, i was suprsied with the amount of bloggers/yt that dont tell everyone and anyone (like me) that they are a blogger. Im not concerned about people knowing about them and you shouldnt either your blog is AWESOME. Asking questions i think is ok but constantly having to justify it becomes tedious and annoying! Wait for my "wordy post" for next week im itching to do it : )

    @Amie - Somewhere deep down we are interconnected hun, i tell you. We agree on so many things. Im going to email you about my next post tonight. i need to tell someone to stop me doing a whole week of wordy posts : )

  6. Alex doing a rant! I love it! Girl, I feel you on the "weird" look and I have to say, screw em!They probably lead very boring lives, and it takes a DEEP THINKER to blog or make videos. We are using our brains and our gift of talking about how we feel or what we love to do in our spare time. The reason I don't tell my in-laws about blog or youtube is because they don't like anyone who is happy, and if your a people person they just think you are "too much". Nothing I do makes them happy except take care of the kids and even that they are critical about. So, CHEERS TO YOU ALEX! I LOVE your blog, your videos and the reason I do is because I truly like you as a person PERIOD! lol Keep those rants is cheaper than therapy for sure! ;-)