Thursday, 14 July 2011

The best sale of all, Topshop jewellery

Time after time, sale after sale, i always come home with major bargains from the Topshop Jewellery section.

Now to me a major bargain is when you go in at the start of a season find something you LOVE but cant simply part with the (sometimes upwards) of £18.00 that it costs. And then you go in towards the end of a sale and find that same beauty for a mear £4.50, ladies and gents that's what i call a STEAL.
Now the below pieces are not just a one of occurrence for me, i always find something i love or something for someone else (like the necklace i bought for Michael's sisters birthday which she wears all the time last year for £2.00) in the Topshop accessories sale!

Necklace - Originally £18.50 - Purchased for £4.50

Bracelet - Originally £12.50 - Purchased for £3.50

Necklace - Originally £14.00 - Purchased for £4.50

Did you pick up anything from the Topshop sale?


  1. I used to love Topshop's jewellery sale, picking up £18 earrings for £2 was my idea of a bargain. Sadly our town centre TopShop closed down this year.x

  2. Love their jewellery, your bracelet is lovely - good find! xx

  3. Fab finds hun! I bought a pair of boots in the toppers sale-love it x

  4. Heey! I found your blog :) You were right, it did come up first in Google!

    Love the background with all the flowers :) And love all the jewelery, you really did get some bargains!

    Catherine x