Sunday, 3 July 2011

Have you ever noticed where turning into our parents?

Last week i was having a chat to some people at work and the topic of discussion was just how much we remind ourselves of our parents (or how much there kids are like them).

Above is a photo of my parents and i must admit i am just like them, by no means am i saying this is a bad thing but by god its true.

Sometimes (especially when i was a Au pair) i would say things and hear them coming out of my parents mouths, also i enjoy very similar music (John Mellencamp is a good example of this), we enjoy similar tv shows ie big bang theory, etc etc.

Don't get me wrong i have always had a very similar personality as them (especially my dad) and i look like them (again dad) and have been going grey since i was 16 (sorry mum and dad) but i think as we get older we slowly (but shorely) morph into a vision of our parents. In some cases (like mine) its a good thing, some other cases (maybe Michael...don't tell him) its not but thats another story : )

Are you morphing into your parents? Or are you already there?


  1. I'm exactly the same-I keep saying things and hearing my mum!!! xxxxx

  2. Lovely photo :).

    Sadie x