Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hello Edinburgh

Its just over a week before Michael and i go to Edinburgh we will be there for 3 full days before he heads home and i join my Haggis adventure!

So other than the Military Tattoo which we will be attending what else do we need to see and do?

Any markets worth attending etc?


  1. I went recently with my other half, we visited the castle and the zoo, I can heartily recommend both! We also went up all of the steps in the Scott monument, the views were beautiful!

  2. Yeah, definitely take a walk on the top of Calton Hill (that´s where the monument is), you can see the whole city from up there and it´s unbelievable. Edinburgh Castle is a must as well. If you´re into Harry Potter, go to the Elephant House. It´s the café where JKRowling wrote most of the 1st book.
    Scottish National Parliament (down the Royal Mile) and Arthur´s Seat are also worth seeing.
    Also, if you have enough time, spend one afternoon just wandering around in the centre. There´s so many lovely wee streets, houses and coffee shops (and romantic cemeteries - that sounds a bit creepy but I love them).

    The best and the cheapest eating out is in the student quarter (just walk the North Bridge sort of away from the Castle to the South), Palmyra - excellent middle-eastern cuisine (apparently they serve the best kebab in Scotland) being my favourite. If you want to try something proper Scottish, try L´Alba d´Oro for haggis supper. They´ve got the best chips around as well!:)

    Sorry for the rant:) I lived in Edinburgh in the past and am moving back soon (which I can´t wait for as it´s my favourite place to be)and it´s also where we got married so it always excites me a great deal when someone tells me they´re going:)

    Hope this helped! Enjoy! x

  3. Oh and as for shopping - I don´t find Edinburgh especially outstanding in this respect. But if you have time, take a trip to Glasgow - you can only go for one afternoon or so, return ticket is about 10 quid. Glasgow´s got amazing shopping x