Thursday, 21 July 2011

I came here with 6 and now i have 12

This is my current Pandora Bracelet, i have shown you it before but it has changed alot since then so here we go.

A little bit of background first i LOVE my Pandora bracelet i got my first silver on just before my 18th birthday and have gained more and more beads and bracelets since then.

I wear a few beads on this leather bracelet while I'm here in the UK but when i go home to Aus i will put them back on my two silver bracelets.


Gnome holding a four leaf clover ~ Bought with 21st birthday money.

Butterflies ~ From Michael's nan for my 21st.

21 Charm ~ From Brad for my 21st

Flower - From Brad for Christmas 2010.

Suitcase ~ Bought when i left Aus for my holiday.

Kangaroo ~ Bought with money from my aunt for my 20th.

"A" ~ For Alex

Treasure chest ~ From best friend for my 18th.

Angel ~ From mum to look after me when i went to college.

Dog ~ My first bead named after Ortiz (my dog).

Blue glass bead ~ Bought to add colour to bracelet.

Sleigh ~ Bought with money from my aunt for Christmas 2010.

So there it is, Do you have a Pandora? What does yours mean?

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  1. aaaw this is adorable, i love how each one has a meaning behind it,

    i really want a thomas sabo one for my 18th [as i prefer the hanging charms to the bead ones]
    and i love the idea of adding a new charm for each important event in your life,
    too cute! xx