Sunday, 31 July 2011

I dont do crappy souvenirs!

I like to travel (if you didn't already know) but one thing i cant stand is the crap that is available to buy as souvenirs.
I have in the past been guilty of buying this stuff in the past but the plan for the UK and Europe is good quality mementos that i can keep forever and will help my memory in my twilight years.

The Liver Building.

The Bombed out church.

Today purchased 2 prints by a Liverpool artists of 2 of my fave buildings in Liverpool, they are cheap, lightweight and great quality.

What do you buy when you travel?


  1. I love Janes work,. we've just had an exhibition of hers where I work. Need to buy myself a print, I'm thinking Keiths on Lark Lane :) xx

  2. I'm awful for buying loads of stuff when I travel! They are lovely pictures, I miss Liverpool! xx