Monday, 18 July 2011

My 21st birthday card from Mum and Dad!

This is the card i got for my 21st birthday from my Mum and Dad.

L-R explaining the photos

~ Ortiz and i (back when i had braces).

~ My first new car

~ Me dancing.

~ Dad and i at my formal.

~ Me and my teddy bear Jessie.

~ Me before a party, i love that dress!!!!

~ My brother and i when he was born.

~ Graduation from Preschool.

~ Mum and i in Disney LA we where part of the parade!

~ Me in Minnie's mouses cheese fridge.

~ Me as a baby in the bath.

~ My first dog Jake and i.

Talk about the best card EVER.

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  1. This is so sweet, I love it. You must miss your family so much, they must miss you too and by the look of the time and effort they've put into that card, they're super excited for your birthday xxxxx