Friday, 8 July 2011

What is the 100 day outfit challenge?

Recently i have been asked "what is the 100 day outfit challenge" i have also found alot of people googling it and finding my blog so let me explain.

The 100 day outfit challenge is a Youtube based outfit of the day challenge started by (i believe) Nadine the idea is that you don't buy any clothing or accessories for a total of 100 days and you make a different outfit every day and do a video for Youtube.

This is not only a way of saving money but also a way of using the items in your wardrobe and weeding out the things you don't wear.

Currently the people i am watching do this is Jeni and fashionschooldropout and obviously i am doing it to.

I think all three of us have broken the rules once during this challenge but its ok (its bloody hard).

I personally changed the idea a little, i decided not to buy ANYTHING no makeup, no clothing NOTHING and I'm also doing it in 2 parts one part here in the UK to show of my wardrobe here and then the other back home in Australia to show that off.

It is a very difficult challenge 100 days is a long time but its also great fun and i would love to see any and all of you ladies do it.


  1. Wow its such a good idea although I don't think I'd be able to do it! I'd love to try though! xxx

  2. I thnik that is so great I want to try it I and I will make 100 oufits on different day for work and for weekends and night times also.

    I think I am going to start by tomrrow morning .