Tuesday, 16 August 2011


So its that time of year again where mens balls all across the UK swell to the size of there head. This time of the year is also known as the start of the Football season.

Now i don't mean to say that this is everyman and by no means am i here to offend anyone by what i say but it needs to be said so here we go...

The British Football (soccer) season started this weekend and i have already incounted 3 separate issues with stupid football fans, how do i know this they where all wearing either a certain teams football jersey or one was wearing a dress shirt from the same said team.

On Saturday as i was walking through the town centre i walked past a pub (i would like to point out this was pre game!) and some guy yelled out "hey sexy!" then another said (this makes me feel kinda ill) "i wouldn't mind a tug on that hair!" i almost spat out my subway. I was shocked WHO SAYS SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?

The others where yesterday one was jeering from disgusting bunch of "Liverpool lads" all saying things amongst themselves laughing and whistling at me and then a bloke had the audacity last night to ask "how much will it take to get you to dance on the bar?"

Now i live in a city where football is very popular in Liverpool we have both Everton and LFC (all these guys where wearing LFC gear). I am well aware that this is a small minority who are idiots compared to the others (i have many male mates who are LFC fans and there all great guys) but seriously 3 in 2 days? Are you kidding?

Does anyone else find these issues in there cites/towns?

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  1. So funny that as soon as I got to the third paragraph, I knew very well which team the "said team" was referring to......:) x