Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lost in translation!


Let me paint you all a little picture here, its 6.30am i am sitting in a hostel perched on a little mountain in the Scottish highlands, this is this morning but let me take you back to early last night!
Lets go shall we...
I am currently on a amazing Haggis tour (i will blog about it more when i get back) i have spent the last 3 days "selling" one of my favourite places in the whole world (certainly the UK) to a bunch of Aussies, NZers, Americans etc and then yesterday afternoon we all (finally) got Internet access and i had all this random emails from people back home with things like "hope your ok" and "hope your not effected by the riots" and all i could think was folks i have lived in Liverpool for almost a year now and you cant work out that's not London...?
Well then while eating my dinner i had a American girl say to me, have you seen the news about Liverpool, cue blank face, a shake of the head and a "no, why?" little did i know what was going home back in my UK home.
I'm disgusted that i have been cut off from the world for the last 3 days and it (including 2 cities i love) have turned into turmoil.
I cant even find a reason for these riots online, why is there a reason to set fire to peoples cars? Loot? Injure yourself or others?
I read a comment from someone which infuriated me:
“You don’t see people rioting in Chelsea, do you? Food’s going up, electricity’s going up, people are surviving on nothing – nothing.”
I have never seen a lack of food or electricity in Liverpool, has anyone else?
Anyway i will leave you with this as i unlike some have some less violent things to go do like search for Nessie!

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  1. As far as I´m concerned, there´s no particular reason for the riots. People in London started it when the police shot that guy but I suppose all the subsequent events were just a result of people thinking "hey, they got away with it in London so let´s go and loot some shops". To be a 100% honest, all those rioters that are trying to justify their ugly behaviour by saying they´re doing it to fight poverty, should really realise they live in one bloody good social system and if they hadn´t been lucky enough to be born British, their life could have been much much worse.
    This, however, doesn´t change the fact that there is NO justification for what they´re doing and seeing what can people do to other people and how unhuman they can be makes me truly sad:(