Monday, 19 September 2011

Wine about it! - Jeni who?

Sooo, Ms. Alex is on a whirlwind travel extravaganza and she asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog while she is away doin her thang. Well, guess what? I suck at this blogging thing! I swear to you, I can talk your ears off and my life is never boring until someone says write something and give it to me tomorrow. OK, well, that part is not really true, Alex reminded me last night about it and I have had a month to think of something to blog. It is my fault for not sitting down until NOW to do this. But look on the bright side, your getting the REAL scoop, off the cuff blog from a 34 year old mother of three kids. Which brings me to what I am writing about today! I thought since y'all (yep, I am from the south in the U.S.A.) don't know jack about me I would give ya a little Bio on little ole me.

*I am a stay at home mother of three kids. Twin boys age 6 and a 4 year old daughter.
* I do YouTube videos, mostly vlog about literally, kids, rants, men, shopping, decorating on a budget, you name it...I film something about it! I never thought I would love doing YouTube...but I really have met some WONDERFUL people through it!
*I have not worked a 9-5 paying job in over six years. I have however worked my ass off at taking care of everyone else but me for the past six years!
*I don't cook.....literally, ANYTHING that does not have instructions on the back of a box or bag that only has three steps to it.
*I am a clean and organization freak. I vacuum three times a day and I am not planning on slowing down for the next 18 years until the kids move out! :-)
*My husband and I didn't have a wedding, or an engagement for that matter. I asked him to marry me when I was about seven months preggo with twins. He said sure, and we went to the court house to marry and we have been together ever since! Best $35.00 I have ever spent. I announced I was married at the baby shower. I still laugh my ass off about that....

I absolutely love thrift store shopping and have been doing so for the past six years. I go almost every day of the week and sometimes I restrict myself and just go twice.....or more! I didn't really get into blogging, YouTube or writing anything until a year ago. I posted on Facebook about how I was clueless when it came to putting on makeup and a girl friend said I should check out YouTube videos. Now I am addicted! Not only do I watch them, now I do them. I have a blog, but I suck at it! I never remember to post that much and when I do I get busy with the kids and forget it all together. I am just new to it and need to get in a system that works for me and my life schedule.

Alex has had a big influence in my life. I watched one of her videos and realized that my little addiction to buying vintage items was not abnormal at all! I loved her personality, style and how she was very comfortable in everything she put on. I just really liked her spirit! I think me being at home with three kids for so long made me give up on caring how I looked. I started to get depressed....really depressed. No reason to put on makeup, no reason to even get dressed. All that has changed. I get dressed and put on makeup 80% of the time now and I love it. I feel like a woman instead of some invisible person who never looks in the mirror. This past year has been really hard. Jason(hubby) lost his job TWICE since last December. We are still not on our feet completely...but we are getting closer to a goal of consistent income. He is going to school to drive trucks. Which means I will be alone a lot more....that just means MORE VIDEOS, and more cheap projects around the house to keep my mind busy. I guess you could say YouTube and Facebook has saved my life in a least it woke me up before I was too far gone. Never give up on yourself and always make time for yourself. I will try to have a more visual blog for the October 17 entry. :-)

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