Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn faves with Kenzie

Today we have the ever so lovely Kenzie, from Kenzie Faith (one of my ALL TIME fave blogs!)
Fall must-haves
Autumn is honestly one of my favorite seasons to dress for. Cold weather means lots of layers--and y'know what? I'm a layerin' kinda girl. Above is a small example of what I would consider to be my list of must have's this season.

Cardigans, shawls & ponchos.
I mean, hello! Cardigans are so easy to layer because they seriously go with just about anything. Dresses, button-ups, tanks, tees--you name it! And then there's the shawl which, in my opinion, looks best with loose tops and fitted dresses. And then the poncho! I used to hate them but now I'm so excited they're back in style (and way better than before - so many gorgeous prints/patterns) They look awesome with leggings!

Riding boots
Any kind of boot is an absolute must-have for fall (duh!) The riding boot looks awesome over a pair of tights with bunched up knee-highs layered on top. So in love with that look - completes any outfit!

As we saw last year, tights are a perfect addition to any look. There are SO many different colors, patterns, and textures out there - you can pretty much find them in any shop. Last year, bright colored tights were my absolute favorite!

It's so cool what a cute pair of frames can do for an outfit. (But let's not include those awful 3D glasses that everyone takes from the movie theater and pops the lenses out of - I hate that look.) Warby Parker has a great collection. You're allowed to try out five frames FREE for five days - hint hint!

I am a serious fan of these bags. Lots of space to throw in an extra pair of socks or even a cardigan along with other cold-weather necessities like hand cream and lip balm! I've had my eyes on this particular Zara shopper tote for quite some time.

Smart Phones
I was so against buying a smart phone (why would I need internet on my phone!? I have internet at home!) but once I finally gave in, I was a forever changed lady. It's awesome being able to so easily Google a place to eat, or even a place to shop! It's very convenient. I will never go back!

Warm Drinks
Well duh ;-) Just found an awesome recipe for Starbucks' Carmel Apple Spice that I can't wait to try out and I've also heard a lot of people say that hot chocolate with Nutella is fantastic! And of course, there's my personal favorite.... coffee!

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