Monday, 21 November 2011


Amsterdam the first stop on my euro adventure.

I spent about a day & a half here spending the majority of my time in the red light district (no judging people).

The first night I arrived in the early evening after flying in from Liverpool, I met some fellow Aussies at my hostel and 3 of us (a guy, girl & me) decided to head to the famous Red Light District to have a wander around & to see just exactly what it was like down there. I was surprised as to the location of the street (it was fun asking two guys which direction it was in & them giving us very strict instructions on how to get there) it is only a short walking distance from the centre of town, the girls gave the bloke I was with alot of attention & gave us girls a but of a cold shoulder.

The next day I did the free New Europe walking tour which was good they showed us the Red Light District during the day, Dam square, a lot of canals, we tried some cheese, the Ann Frank house, and went to the little IamAmsterdam sign. All over it was a really good tour.During the night I did the Red Light District night tour this was great I learnt alot more than I expected about the area & it's surroundings, I would highly recommend it if you want to learn about the ladies & not just look at them.

I stayed at: The Flying Pig Uptown - 4/5 clean, rooms where a little crowded, own smoking room, free breakfast, good value for money, good location.

Tours I took: New Europe free walking tour, New Europe Red light district tour.

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  1. Amsterdam is so much fun! Sounds like you had an amazing time xx