Friday, 25 November 2011

What you will find on my bedside table

One of the best things about being back home is that i have all my "stuff" back that makes up my room (i say it like this as i have switched rooms with my parents, hello walk-in-wardrobe).

I have been busting ever since starting this blog to share about my life in Aus with you all including my room.

I love home decor, i am a avid reader of Real Living Magazine & love setting up my room as i feel its a great representation of who i am.

Obviously i am restricted as i still live with my parents & i have to work with them (like not being able to hang everything i want in my parents room etc)

But these are all of the joys of decorating right!?

So heres my bedside table, well one of them!

Bedside lamp - Bunnings, Clock - not sure, Dog picture frame - not sure, Trinket holder - Bluewater gifts, Note holder - Bluewater gifts.

Candle - Gift, Bowl - Vinnies, Dog - charity shop in UK

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