Friday, 30 December 2011

The year that was - 2011

As we now bring to a close another year i feel its only fair to reflect on our old friend 2011 & give (probably my best year to date) a proper farewell.

Regardless of anything else that happened 2011 will be the year known for my travels & my new amazing travel family. There will be no possible way i could look back on this year & not think of ALL the amazing memories that i acquired in those short 3 months, so although i will be doing posts of each destination next year i will leave you with some of my best memories for that trip!

Happy New year everyone xo

Prague - Taylor, me, Mel & Simon

Rome - Toga night - Talesha Shannae, Me

Venice - Gondola ride - Ian, Me, Mel & Emma


Disney Land Paris

Monaco - Group shot!

Munich - Pork Knuckle

Jungfrau Switzerland - Ice Palace - Rachel, Nat, Me & Karl

Horse Riding - Tuscany

Venice - Emma, Mel, Me & Ian

Berlin - Anti Pub crawl - Amy & Me

Changing of the horse guard.

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