Monday, 23 January 2012

Crazy things my mum says

Hi friends Ortiz here,
First of all thank you all for your support over my tough time a few weeks back, your comments & tweets made my tail wag!

I'm here to tell you about my Saturday morning, mum made me have a shower Friday night & kept telling me crazy things like "what your going to do is a community service" & telling people i had a "new job" & that what i was going to do would make "Oscar sad" (FYI i don't know a Oscar).

Anyway back to the point on Saturday she put me in the car & took me to a place full of lovely older people (mum calls it a retirement home) they where so nice to me even if i was just a little scared to begin with.
I had such a good time & although we cant take photos inside i did document some for you.

The night before after i had a shower

In the car still unsure as to what was happening.

Out the front of the Nursing home.

Oh & i found out what a Oscar is, his a Labrador who lives in this place, well guess what Oscar theres a new dog in town & I'm out to eat your treats & steal your belly rubs!

Ortiz xo

P.s Mum tells me I'm going back tomorrow, my belly's ready people

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