Wednesday, 18 January 2012

One day we'll be out walking

The other day Andy, Ortiz & i went for a walk down near our main beach while my dad went for a swim.

Have you ever wondered what my home town looks like? Here are some pics (no photo shop here folks).

Beach through the trees.

The track

The ocean

Andy & Ortiz on there dual lead, Ortiz is still unsure how she feels about this thing.

More beach

And some more!

Forster main beach with Tuncurry in the background

They really are best friends.

A icecream to finish the whole night off.


  1. Your home town looks like so much fun to be in! I love how it's really close to the water. :) Gorgeous pictures, by the way!

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  2. Oh wow, that ice cream looks yummy, I like to see that you have picked mint ... my fave. I have actually always thought about what your home town would look like and I am delighted to see it ... it's so pretty !