Monday, 13 February 2012

The super easy vest!

So i have currently gone DIY mad!!!

I'm not sure why maybe its inspiration from some amazing blogs, or maybe its lack of money & a little bit of extra time who knows but I'm loving it & cant wait to bring you more & more simple DIY's in the future.

Now when i say simple this vest is the best example of it, i got the idea from here but with no instruction on how to do it i set out to make my own flying blind

So here it is, hope you enjoy the results as much as i do.

First take some fabric (i used 1 metre which worked fine for me but any width will be fine its up to you) i layed mine out on the floor because if you cant tell by my last DIY its my favourite spot to work. Make sure its flat & crease free
I placed a pin in the centre of the fabric to give me a point to measure from (you don't wont uneven arms)
Then i measured the back of one of my cardigans (so from armpit to armpit) to work out where i needed to place the pins for the arm holes

Then i needed to gage a idea of how much over hang i wanted at the front of my vest, this does not need to be exact but i wanted to make sure i left enough (more is better than less.

So i cut hole where my armpit pins where, gaging how large they needed to be by how i wanted it to sit on my shoulders.

The final piece, it looks so good & made out of the right fabric will be sooo warm, mine lands just on my bum with some panels that hang a little lower but i think it looks great & with this one being mustard (one of my favourite colours) its so on trend.


Fabric: $3.50


30mins (or less)
Difficulty: easy

P.s If you make one of these please email me a pic i would love to feature yours on here.

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