Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Where has the time gone!

Hello folks,
What is going on with the world of late?
I have all of a sudden become so busy & sometimes find myself wondering if I should laugh or cry!
But don't worry it's fine in a general sense life is pretty great at the moment, hectic but great
Pause for a update:
I recently got to go to Sydney & had the chance to hang out with the stunning & amazing Nat my travel sista! It was so great to see her I love her do much so any time together is just perfect.
On the weekend I met someone who I think is pretty cool (I dont think he will read this) who I'm looking forward to getting to know better, if only time was on our side but I'm sure it will work itself out these things tend to.
Work at the present is BUSY!!!! I work 2 jobs (I don't know who knows that & who dosnt but both places are crazy at the moment (I'm working 107 hours this fortnight, see what I mean about time)
Anyway as always the aim is to blog more, be healthy, stay happy & hopefully go on this date!
I will be back with mission positive as soon as I get a chance to take the photos

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