Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sydney time

Sometimes there is nothing better than being granted 4 sweet sweet days off work (yes both jobs) & being able to head south to Sydney to catch up with some of the most amazing friends around.
This is what i got to do last week it was so much fun seeing some old high school friends, some of the travel family & meeting some awesome new people.
Nat & I at her house just before i was left to drive home. I met Nat in Nice & we have shared awesome adventures in some pretty great countries around the world.
She is defiantly one of my besties, i love her
This is the simply stunning Crystal she made the journey from Victoria to come visit some of her friends in Sydney. I met Crystal in Paris & i cant wait to go visit her sometime.
Sushi train with Crystal in the middle of Sydney was AMAZING
Yummy yummy yummy
This maybe the most amazing thing i have EVER eaten, its soft shell crab curry from this pretty awesome restaurant the lovely Amy took Nat & i to.
I will eat there again so i will get some photos of it for you & the name.
Lunch with Jake (one of my oldest & dearest friends) these cost us $10 each AMAZING
I know i really shouldn't have photos taken with Amy she is just to stunning but i cant resist, she was the first member of my travel family (i met her in Berlin) she is such a lovely person & such a stunner
This is Jakes street, i stayed at his place.
Yummy sushi, yes i ate alot in 3 days!
Jake & i at night, kinda drunk not such a great photo haha

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  1. Hey Alex, just thought I'd leave a little message because I've not seen any blog posts or Youtube videos in a while!. I miss them! :P Hope you're keeping well.