Monday, 26 July 2010

My weekend.

This is my weekend.
Unfortunately Friday was not a very happy day, as i have said in some of my previous posts i attended my boys grandads funeral.
This is what i wore:

I have 2 cardis on and a satin dress and shoes, all these things bar the top cardi are from Aus and a kinda old. The long cardi is from H&M its very nice and warm and you will see alot more of it in the posts to come now that winter is coming!
I was told that i look like a little dolly, what do you think?

This is my boy, all suited up! His to cute.
Then on Saturday we headed into Liverpool and watched Toy story 3, it was so sad to watch such a end of a era. I cried during the movie it really made me think of all the toys i have ever either given away or thrown out.
Made me very glad my fave bear Jessie is safely at home in Aus.

Here are some sexy photos for you:

We watched it is IMAX 3d. It was amazing, the glasses where so big though towards the end i couldn't feel my nose!
Be aware not to drink to much Pepsi in a movie as you need to hold on and it will end badly on the train ride home whilst you have a major belly ache and the lady across from you on the train thinks your pregnant!

AND.... This is us.

This is on Friday before we headed out. I have never been so proud of my boy. He did so well on such a horribly difficult day!
And his family are simply amazing, cant wait to see more of them.

And the IMAX, we couldn't put our faces together due to major glasses issues.
Also i loved the outfit i wore this day but no photo we forgot : (
Will wear it again and get some pics.
We spent the rest of the weekend watching movies and eating pizza and cake. We also walked 9 miles over Saturday and Sunday. Crazy!!!!

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