Monday, 26 July 2010

Things i want.... Topshop

These are some thing i want from Topshop. I don't buy much from there but these things are to cute to pass up.

These shoes are cute they say "i love you" there 18.00 pounds (sorry because i have a Australian laptop i don't have the symbol) i think there a steal.

This is from the Topshop nail polish range, i already have 2 colours but this one is HOT, its 5.00 pounds and i intend to get it ASAP. The colour is Gypsy Night.

I love this snood to, i don't own any snoods and this will be a good starter it looks so soft its 16.00 pounds and i will buy this soon because i think the British summer is over.

And these little babies will be the perfect pair of gloves, there 6.00 pounds and look amazing cant wait to make my purchase!

I also like these there super cute to go over tights for some extra chic warmth. There 6.00 pounds to, bargin!!

I tried to buy some of these things at Topshop last weekend but they didn't have what i wanted, i don't buy online so i will just have to keep checking back in store to get them.


  1. i love all of these! i was on a spending ban but you may have just convinced me to buy a couple of new little things...haha! love your blog! xxx

  2. Hey!
    thanks for the comment :)
    Those shoes are so awesome - totally want them! x

  3. I love Topshop I always find they never have the things in store that I see online. I am very much in love with the snood such a delicate knit xoxo