Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Doing a little more shopping, Oh dear!

It is currently 6am and I'm up eating my whole grain, wheatgerm, dried fruit and apricot mix and blogging who would have ever thought!
So on the weekend i did lots and lots of shopping, mainly of the food and house hold item kind but i did manage to pick up a few little goodies for myself.

On Saturday i went to Urban Outfitters and Lush. I got the tights that i featured in my "what i want Urban Outfitters" the other week. There really nice and i wore them yesterday to my first day of work (sorry there is no outfit i had no time in the morning and i forgot at night but as soon as I'm dressed today i will endeavor to take a decent one, wheres the bf when you need him hey?).
In Lush i had to buy a soap again this is only my second ever purchase from lush so i asked the sales consultant for some help. I like gritty soap so i got the sand stone one which has actual sand in it. To which my lovely boy friend replied "Alex don't you know sand gets stuck everywhere!"
I have used it once and will do a review when I'm finished!

On Sunday we ventured into this little lollie/sweet shop that opened maybe about a month ago in Liverpool near Central station. It is so beautiful inside and there choice is AMAZING!!! The bags are 99p per 100g so i think that's pretty good. I'm Alex and I'm a gobstopper addict!!!

Then i was bound for Boots, i needed to buy some kind of product for my hair and i decided with TRESemme heat defence only because i have used it before. I will become more adventurious when this is done. I got the Gosh primer because i need one and people seam to rave about this. I also bought a little eye shadow brush and a Bourjois blush in Rose.
Again i will review all these at a later date when i have used them all.

Then yesterday was my first day at work, i had a great time and all the people are so lovely. We did although get let out early and because i was meeting Kirk in Liverpool i had some time to kill so in comes Topshop and there sale which Kirk had steered me clear of all weekend. It was like a normal Topshop sale shear MADNESS! Stuff everywhere, crazy women but as the really nice guy behind the counter said "its all in a days work!"
I picked up this little number after seeing it screwed up on the floor. Its a little Playsuit with hearts all over it and heart detail buttons. I'm so excited about it as i don't own a playsuit and also i considered ordering this in the online sale but they only had 10s which this is not!
At 12.00pounds I'm going to wear it on Friday for dress down day whooooo.
How where your weekends?
Have any of you hit up the Topshop sale?


  1. i'm absolutely loving that playsuit, but i'm totally broke atm so no topshop sales for me :( xoxo avs

  2. Awh you finally got a playsuit :D that ones lovely too, and the tights!
    can't wait to see photos :)

    Jess xx

  3. what a gorgeous playsuit, such a great find! i haven't been to the topshop sale yet, i usually don't have the patience to search through the racks & when i do i don't manage to find anything :(

    glad to hear your first day at work went well, its always nerve wracking starting somewhere new but i'm sure you'll settle in just fine! :)