Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Yesterday and a little disappointment!

Hey guys,
So yesterday was a little fun the morning started off with me leaving my house at 7.30am! Yes that is the time i have to leave to make it to my work by 9.00am. I got on the bus (using my brand new bus pass haha) and proceeded to be driven into town. As the bus driver approached my stop i stood up but due to the wet floor of the bus and the force with which the bus driver stopped i didn't stay standing for long. Wet bum anyone....
Then i caught my new bus all the way into work and that was fine. I found my entrance got through with my pin etc and thought i was proceeding in the right direction trying to open a door with my swipe card, after 5 or so tries and having now a few staff watching me the lovely security guard who had to help me yesterday came racing over calling my saying "Alex you don't have access for that!" After a little giggle i wandered off with a slight bruised ego and a little mad that all those people had watched and not one person had thought to say 'hey stupid, this way!"

Now for my disappointment!
When i was in Topshop on Monday i tried this little beauty on (even though it was out of my little budget i set myself 28.00pounds) Its a really lovely green colour that doesn't do justice on here.
Anyway i tried it on and it fits lovely and looks great until to my horror i realised the whole thing was completely see through!!!! I mean i know i could put something underneath but seriously unless you can find something the same colour it will ruin the dress. Very disappointed!

Has anyone else seen this? Is this how its made to be and I'm just vague from me hit on the bus?
Ps sorry no outfit post i wore the same thing i have already posted about!


  1. I saw this dress and had the exact same problem but i fell in love with it and had buy it! i would say just buy i anyway i wear a black bodycon dess under and it dosent ruin the colour ;) x

  2. I love with this dress! I hate it when shops do that, because then you have to buy yet more things to go with the item... costly. xoxo

  3. Oh i hate it when that happens! I brought a gorgeous white dress from river island for my uni ball and i had to wear a white vest top and a underskirt with it and im sure you could still see my knickers! xx

  4. oh i was just about to order this online good thing i visited your blog - im so fed up of all the see through things right now! boo hoo xxxxxxx