Friday, 13 August 2010

A little shop.

Yesterday i went to Manchester with the little boy i look after (will post some photos about that soon) we did although get stuck in the Arndale centre for just under 2 hours due to heavy rain and at time hail!
Tragic i know!

So i dragged him to both Lush and Boots for my first Lush and Soap and Glory purchases.
Here is what i bought!

From Lush i picked up the Bubblegum lip scrub, i saw this on a blog (I'm sorry i cant remember which one) and i thought that looks yummy and guess what IT IS!!!! Its made with icing sugar and smells amazing. I have used so much already its kinda insane. It costs 4.50pounds and i will be buying more when I'm finished.

My Soap and Body purchase was made due to much pressure from Jess (Good morning beautiful her blog can be found in my side bar) i purchased a travel size of the Hand food. It feels good on my hands but due to me having a really really bad sense of smell i cant seam to smell it which is a little disappointing but I'm sure it smells amazing i just cant smell it. I will be buying more Soap and Glory when i can. It was 2.50pounds from Boots.

Also: I have almost hit 50 followers in under a month (i love you guys) so i will be doing a tiny little giveaway to show some appreciation when i get there!


  1. Haha so I'm the devil on your shoulder hmm :P
    I'll definitely have to get that lip scrub, sounds yummy :) You'll end up being a regular in the Liverpool Lush haha!

    Jess x

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  3. I tried the minty one of the lip scrubs which was a bit powerful but the bubblegum one sounds lovely :-) and the soap and glory travel size products are so perfect for holidays or just to keep in your handbag. Their hair products are lush too! x

  4. I love Lush they shut down the one in my local town. Soap and Glory products are really good and smell so yummy xoxo

  5. Wow! I am eager to try some products from Soap & Glory!
    Great entry, just became a new blog follower!

  6. I have the mint lip scrub and I love it! As someone who gets chapped lips all the time, it's such a life saver!