Thursday, 12 August 2010


On Thursday last week the little boy i look after and i went into Warrington to go to the museum and visit him mum for lunch. The museum was doing a children's craft and i LOVE children's craft i always make my own : )

So here a just a few pictures, i cant post all of them due to the fact they have pictures of the child i look after and i don't feel it appropriate to put photos of them on here.

This is the Warrington museum, for its size its really good. It has a huge taxidermy section which kinda creeps me out but other than that its very well presented and set out.

Here are our bugs, we where told to be as creative as possible hence why mine is a simple caterpillar and the other is a fire spitting, skin shedding, creature who eats food through its tail.

And this is what i wore (I'm so sorry for the rubbish quality) I'm wearing Staggers jeans from Aus, flats (the same navy ones as in my last post) my shirt is a mens one from Cotton on (again Aus) the little owl brooch is from my old town my brother bought it for me because it sounds like Al which is what he calls me, its from a brand called Kenzi and Coco i have so many brooch's and hair pieces and bracelets from her she is great look at her stuff online is for sure worth a order (the lady who makes these (i know her name but wont mention it as she is unaware of my posting this) does not know i have written this so I'm only endorsing a product i love).
Update from yesterday: The lady i live with got my money changed no questions asked, funny what a british accent can do


  1. cute shirt and lovely post x

  2. i want a shirt like that (: simple but so easy to wear a million ways!x